2202 BERRYDALE RD Pensacola, FL 32534 Home for Sale


2202 BERRYDALE RD Pensacola, FL 32534 Home for Sale. Hey Doria, this is Gordon Dey with EXP Realty. Doria is one of my agents in our group here in Pensacola, Florida, and she invited me over to her recent fix and flip at 2202 Berrydale Rd Pensacola FL 32534. Doria Davis: Yes, welcome guys, and thank you for being here today. So I will just walk you through the property at 2202 Berrydale Rd real quick if you like, and we're just going to focus on the lower level today if that's good with you, Gordon. I can take you upstairs on the next video to see the four bedrooms. Gordon Dey: Sure. Tell me a little bit about the flooring, Doria. It looks like they're all brand new. Doria Davis: Yes. These are wood flooring, and we have wood flooring in all the living areas, and we did upgrade to porcelain tile in all the wet areas. By wet areas, I mean like the bathroom, kitchen. We did carry the porcelain tile into the den, just because we have the fireplace here. We didn't want to have any fire hazard having wood floors so close to the fireplace. The den is one of my favorite rooms in this house, because the way it was transformed. This used to be a very dark dungeony room with the wood paneling on the walls and all the trim, every wood area was dark. Even the brick was dark. So we obviously got new windows throughout the entire property. Those are low-E windows, too, double pane. High impact resistance, and you do have the hurricane protective devices. The fireplace, wood burning fireplace, and we did customize this mid-century mantle that we took from another project, and we customized too so that it can fit here and give it a little bit more of design. The kitchen is this way, Gordon. Gordon Dey: You did a great job in here, Doria. Doria Davis: Thank you. Thank you. We did not sacrifice any quality, especially when it came to the kitchen. Gordon Dey: And I like how you carried the porcelain tile floor all the way through the den into the kitchen. Doria Davis: Yes. Yeah, it just flows through the area. You have it in the hallway over there and the laundry room. Gordon Dey: Nice. Doria Davis: These are quartz countertops. The cabinets are a hybrid cabinetry, white Shaker with soft close doors and drawers. All your appliances are brand new. Frigidaire stainless steel. You were talking about a special financing package. We do have a special financing package for this property. It qualifies for 100% financing, zero down payment, and zero closing costs, so that a buyer can literally come in and get this key with no money out of pocket. Awesome. That's much better than trying to rent. You know when you rent, Gordon, they typically ask you for the first month rent and security depositOh, yeah! ... a security deposit, the last month, pet deposit. But not here. I mean, if you qualify and if you want to know if you qualify, give me a call, 850-291-0684, and we can help you find out to see if you can get this key to a qualified home buyer today and move into this beautiful home, which is move-in ready with zero money out of pocket. Nice, and I heard you were going to do an open house here soon. Yes, so we are doing a broker open house the first week of December, before people get busy with the holidays. And after the open house, we're also doing a quick workshop where we can teach agents or anybody who's interested in learning how to invest in real estate. Whether you're looking to learn how to do rehabs or wholesale or acquire passive income properties, that's the way to retire. Because one day when we stop selling real estate, we want to make sure that we still have money coming in. Passive income rental properties can do that for you, and we could teach you how to do that. You've never lost money on any of your flips? Never lost money. Nice, very nice! Never lost money. It's good to learn from someone who's doing it successfully. Yes. We are a for profit company.There you go. There you go. This is the product that we believe in. We help buyers and sellers buy and sell real estate, so we also invest in real estate. Right here in our local EXP Realty group, I'm happy to say that a lot of the agents in our group are actively investing in real estate. So if you're an agent looking to learn how to do this, we can help you. Hey and Doria, you're going to be doing another open house for buyers specifically too, right? For buyers as well, yes. That's very generous, Doria. And how would they contact you if they want to- You can call me, (850)291-0684, Doria Davis. Just go to doriadavis.com or email me at doria.davis@exprealty.com. All right, well thanks- Very good, very good. All right, well thanks for stopping by our video. I hope you enjoyed the tour, if you liked this video and you are interested in learning more than subscribe to my channel below and also give us a Like. Doria, and I would like to you to see the upstairs on our next video coming soon! Visit https://www.myfloridarealestatefinder.com/property/561141/