Get to know the world’s animals living on Gulf Breeze property. At the Gulf Breeze Zoo a wonderful collection of the globe’s creatures await visitors. Habitats are thoughtfully designed to mimic those in the wild and conservation and education are key elements of the venue.

Start out with a zoo keeper talk and get inside information into all the animals on the Gulf Breeze real estate grounds. Popular creatures in the spotlight include otters, lions, giraffes, and Galapagos tortoises. Stroll the elevated boardwalk for glimpses of herds of deer, zebra and antelope on a 30 acre preserve. Keep an eye out for gorillas and rhinos. The Safari Line Limited Train also chugs along through the area for those who wish to take a seat.

Gulf Breeze Real Estate Has Gone to the Birds

Interactions make trips extra special. Birds of a feather can be found in the Budgiery Adventure Aviary. Here budgies are eager to make friends. Perching on visitors shoulders, arms and even heads, these little birds chirp for feed sticks. Patrons stick their necks out to feed amazing giraffes. Go behind the scenes and get even more up close and personal. Meet the giraffes in a private encounter. Animal keepers share insight into these gentle giants. Guests learn all about their characteristics, care, and even get to feed them their favorite treats. Reserve a spot by calling 850.932.2229.

Knowing that conservation efforts stem from the heart, the Gulf Breeze Zoo fosters a love of animals. Kids of all ages get an opportunity to interact with domesticated animals on the Gulf Breeze property at the Farm. Here an array of friendly beings wait for pats and snacks. Favorites to feed include llamas, goats, pigs, sheep, chickens and more.

Hours to the zoo are seasonal. General admission discounts apply for children, seniors and members of the United States military. Come to the zoo and get to know the animals both large and small. Get a glimpse of the zoo map and plan your day before you even arrive.